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“Your show was great and refreshing. I will sent your info and website to churches in the UK. Get ready to go back there sometime”.

“That was absolutely breath-taking! What a blessing.

Amazing! Wonderful! Fantastic! Fantastic!

Your Cockney made me cry!”

“My name is Anna Maria, I am Portuguese. It was brilliant!! May God, how you say? Keep the burning inside of your heart. That is what is needed.”

“Baie lekker!! Ek het dit nou rêrig geniet!”

“The Historical Biblical account, “Run-thru-the Bible [O.T.]”, made interactive, dramatic, entertaining and hilarious! Truly God has His hand on Act Won and is using them to spark interest and enthusiasm for the Word of God through dramatic presentation. Their portrayal of 6000 years of Biblical history is refreshing and most importantly – stimulating for people of all ages. If a drama can leave a church body insatiably opening their Bibles to search out the scriptures, then it is definitely worth giving over a Sunday morning to have one of the most thorough and concise presentations given that I have ever seen.” – Senior pastor Alipio Amaral, Lagoa Christian Fellowship.

“Very special, I myself was blessed. Please come back again! When I read the script, I thought if the acting was good, then it’ll be fun – if not it’ll be boring. It was fun!“ – Pastor Pieter

“That was a moment for me when we shouted and praised God. It really moved me!”

“Wonderful! Uplifting!”

“Really good revision for me.”

“You two are incredible.”

“Are you normal after this?”

“I just wanted to say thank you for your presentation “Run-thru-the Bible [O.T.]” on Friday past (29.4.05) at our church. It is difficult to give feedback as more people just didn’t have words to explain how much they enjoyed it, but I will try my best to convey our thoughts. This was the first time we have had anything like this in our church and people were unsure of what to expect. However, after having seen your presentation they were very positive about and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was uplifting, educational, funny, varied, thought provoking and basically very enjoyable. The ‘audience’ participation was quite surprising as we are normally quite a reserved bunch, but you managed to get everyone into the spirit of things as we all joined in with gusto. Thank you once again for such a terrific evening. We will be thinking about it long after you have returned home. We eagerly await “Run-thru-the Bible (N.T.)!!!!”

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