This missions trip has been an amazing adventure pretty much in the form of a rollercoaster ride with lots of ups and lots of downs. It has not been easy but God has been so faithful and we know that His Word was heard by many people during our trip!

ACT WON has been travelling on planes, trains and automobiles, tubes, buses and boats all the way to and around England and Portugal. We managed to fit our props and radio mics into 3 suitcases
(20kgs), our clothes into 3 backpacks. This has given new meaning to “pick up your cross and follow me!” especially during rush hour on the London tubes.

We had 9 performances in England.  And 2 in Portugal where we were translated into Portuguese!  Vuvuzelas, Afrikaans and our national flag has kept the South African flavour of the play going.
Another interesting spin off – at every place we performed there were people interested in the creative arts and drama as a ministry. We were able to encourage and inspire them to “go for it!”.

Thanks to all the prayer warriors – we couldn’t have done it without you!! Many times God supernaturally supplied us with energy especially on the weekend where we had 5 performances back to back!!
Eugéne picked up some weird allergy and got the nickname “Hitch”. Tracy got a bad cold. Suzie’s voice had completely disappeared and we had 2 performances over the weekend. Lots of prayer cover be
cause it just wasn’t possible to mime the entire play!! And miraculously her voice was restored.

One of the things we learnt – God didn’t take us out of difficult situations but he brought us through each and every one of them. We are not home yet – that we are foreigners, travellers in this land. This was a great practical illustration for us as we were living out of our backpacks, never settling in one place for long, always ready to move on and continually keeping the end goal in mind! We need to concentrate on Kingdom matters because everything else is unimportant and just distracts us from our purpose.

You brought the Bible to life.
Are you always this zany?!?
Never seen anything like it!
You must be shattered after that.
You’re doing such a good work. You really touched me.
I have to bring my husband!! I want him to understand that Christianity can be fun, which is what you did!
Very inspiring.
Very different from what we normally have, it was great!
challenged you to think more about your faith and to be enlightened by God’s Word.
I thought Act Won was fantastic. I’d love them to come back to the UK
Cracking stuff
Loved the variety!
We were impressed and blessed.
They hold your attention.  My son was riveted.
Great and refreshing.
A blessing and a challenge


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