1 June: After a turbulent flight we shook, rattled and rolled and hit the ground running in sunny JHB with our desperate housewives, greeted at the airport by two smiling people holding up an appropriate Desperate Housewives sign!
The DH made their debut Gauteng performance in a morning service at the Grace Family Church, Observatory, Sunday 28 May where we received a warm welcome. Some comments after the service: Very convincing; It made it easier to for me to understand the scriptures; Very Blessed
Directly after the service we were treated to a delicious, gargantuan Chinese feast at the Longmen Chinese Restaurant. Then all of our props and of course, the ACT WON team, were transferred to the next church via the outskirts of Hillbrow. As the dusk sky turned softly grey and pink, we arrived late afternoon at Church Alive, Northcliff AOG we quickly set up for the next DHW performance. With little time to catch our breath we were onto the stage and ministering to a very receptive congregation. A big thank you to all our hosts and new friends we’ve made this weekend – God’s love is so evident in your lives.
Please PRAY for the team who are experiencing a large number of headaches, possibly due to the altitude.


6 June: Our first full week of tour has been spent living in the heart of the ‘burbs in Horizon, Roodepoort, complete with long tree-lined streets, crisp days full of sunshine and the hazy city skyline.
We stayed with Pastor Mark and Rose Taylor and the Hamilton Family. We felt like we were staying at 2 lovely “B&B’s”. Many years ago as a teenager, Mark got saved in a youth group in Zimbabwe that was being run by none other than our Dad, Dave Wright!

Staying in Horizon for the week, the local Church of the Nazarene got to know us and see all of our tour productions:
Wednesday evening (31st May) was a Potluck Dinner attended by our 3 Desperate Housewives “Each story got the point across”
Friday evening (2nd June) was a combined youth evening where they all had a good laugh and were totally engrossed by the Hard of Hearing boys and their message. “Thoroughly entertaining and challenging!”
Sunday morning (4th June) the service was run by Abigail and Beatrice as they ran through the Bible. “Sometimes the tears came, sometimes the laughter came.” “Very God-anointed ministry!”
Sunday evening (4th June) we visited the Horizon Baptists with Run the thru the Bible.

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed our stay in Roodepoort and have been so well looked after and we have eaten like Kings. We’ve been spoilt!!

PRAYER: The headaches have cleared up – a big thanks to everyone who prayed for us! Prayer needs…energy, energy and some more energy!!

13 June: 1 462 km from home we found ourselves in Irene, Centurion just outside of Pretoria. Temperatures slightly warmer than Roodepoort. BUT ONLY SLIGHTLY!!!
Staying with the Family Damons (Arlene, Mark, Craigie & Rachel) we were once again extremely well looked after. We spent the week and weekend ministering to and getting to know the people of the Cornwall Hill and Lyttelton Methodist churches. With 2 extra performances being added to the itinerary we were kept good and busy! On our one morning off we visited the 112 year old dairy farm in Irene which is full of *bovines (better known as cows).
It’s been wonderful to meet more of God’s family – feels like home away from home.

Many people were blessed by the performances:

Relevant! Variety in creativity!
That really REALLY spoke to me!
You have world-class props!!!
I look at the Old Testament in a whole different light now!
People are so used to sermons and teachers but here they have to pay attention,
trying to figure out what’s going to happen next.

PRAYER: Please pray for continued health and energy… and for extra-strong colons and stomachs to survive Durban cuisine!


20 June: Flying into Durban we were greeted by the magic sight of the blue–green coastline and a toasty 27°C! And KZN definitely grows things bigger here – from the geckos to the avocadoes.

We were finally on the last stretch of tour and looking forward to going home. Our stay with Jill Sangerhaus and the Muller family was filled with much hilarity, giggles and tim-tams*. We then moved on to stay with Penny and Norman Bird and all their menagerie in beautiful La Lucia where we’ve been made to feel a part of the family. One afternoon we managed to take a dip at the beach. The locals thought we were crazy tourists but from one Capetonian to another – man, is the water warm!!
We did 7 productions in Durban at Durban North Baptist, Hilton Baptist (which involved a road trip inland) and the Christian Revival Church.

Tour has gone extremely well and we will definitely be looking at other national and international tours…but for now the team is thoroughly exhausted and in need of sleep!

PRAYER: Thanks to all our faithful prayer warriors who supported and encouraged us! We couldn’t have done it without you. We would appreciate prayer for our rest, recovery and continued health, as well as for the planning for the rest of 2006. Thanks be to our awesome God for answering our prayers, carrying us through this time and challenging many people’s lives.

*an Australian based chocolate biscuit – for the correct consumption technique, which involves hot milk, melting and a slurp

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