Media Outreach

Drama Series

Radio Ministry

The NoogaFloogal Adventures (Season 1) is an epic radio drama series. This radio broadcast is a free downloadable resource that will bless all ages from 8 to 98.

This engaging story follows the lives of 3 university students (JP Jackson, Thandi Thuli and Samuel S. Schlumpher) who are enrolled at the La Vie University, which is no ordinary place of learning.

They discover a M.A.S.H.E.E.N (Mass Atomic Spectromatic Heliotropic Electromagnetic Environmental NoogaFloogal) which has the capacity to transport them through the time-space continuum on a rollercoaster ride of thrills and spills, giggles and gasps, crazy fun and faith-filled discovery. Through all their amazing experiences they learn more about God, about themselves and about living the God-adventure to the max – because life is not a spectator sport!

Video Comms

ACT WON began as a theatre ministry but has subsequently expanded into the realm of broadcast media (radio and video). These platforms provide the means to remain relevant and reach as many people as possible for the Kingdom of God.



ACT WON writes all their own scripts – theatre and radio productions. They also volunteer as writers for Scripture Union South Africa’s Closer to God (annual adult daily devotionals): The WordSpace (daily teen mobile phone devotionals) and SU Mag (online youth ministry articles).

There are so many God-stories ACT WON has experienced that need to be told and written. These form the basis to numerous stories ACT WON has written over the years.